Questions that are frequently asked of our personnel:

Please note – because the trail is being completely rebuilt, additional changes and adjustments should be  anticipated.  People transporters will be used rather than walking the trail. Check back regularly.  


Can I purchase tickets online?

Online tickets will be available later.


How do I pay for my tickets when I pre-order?

You can pay by debit/credit card; we accept MC/Visa/Discover. 


How may people can go in a group?

We average 60 persons or less in a group.


Do you have a group discount?

We do offer a 10% discount for groups of 20 or more persons.


What time does the ticket booth open?

The ticket booth opens each night of the Journey at 6:00 pm.


If the online ticket page indicates that tickets are “unavailable” for a particular time, would any tickets still be available at the ticket booth?

Yes.  Although the on-line page may reflect that tickets are “unavailable” for the date and time you would like to purchase, a limited number of “walk up” tickets are available for each group at the ticket booth.  All “walk up” tickets are sold on a first come first served basis


Can I reserve tickets?
We do not reserve or hold tickets.


What is the cut-off for advance ticket sales?

Advance tickets are available  until 4:00 pm on the day of the event.  


How long does it take to go through Judgment Journey?

Once on the trail, the Journey takes about 40-45 minutes.


How should I dress for the trail?

Dress appropriately for the weather.


What if it rains?

Dress for the weather and the trail. No umbrellas. We continue JJ in the rain and only stop for lightning or heavy rain.


Is childcare provided?

No childcare is provided at this time for the public.


Can I bring my child?

Children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult and we do not recommend JJ for children 10 and under due to the graphic nature of the trail.  Parents of younger children, at the parent’s discretion, may elect to bring their child(ren) on the trail, but may be asked to leave the trail if the child(ren) becomes a distraction (crying, etc.).


If I have already bought my tickets, can I add to my order later?

Yes, if tickets are available for the same group. If there are no tickets available in the same group, we can offer the closest time slot to your original group.


What if I end up with more tickets than people?

We don’t buy back or offer refunds, but you can come earlier than your time and stand at the ticket booth and sell or give away your extra tickets.


Is the trial wheelchair accessible?

Yes but handicap tickets are limited and should only be used by those that have a need and are providentially hindered. (There are only 3 handicap accessible tickets allotted per handicap time slot).


Can I take pictures or video on the trail?

No.  Cameras and camcorders are not allowed on the trail.


What time does the restaurant open?

6:00 pm