Judgment Journey 2020


After much consideration, consultation and prayer, we have made the decision to cancel JJ for 2020.

Due to COVID 19, it has become painfully obvious that social distancing will be all but impossible while on our campus. If we forced the issue, JJ would not be the quality experience in which our guests have come to expect.

Our decision came down to 2 things, the health of our guests, and the health of our members.

Thank you for your support over the past 23 years…. Because of your faithfulness through the years, we have seen literally tens of thousands of lives changed for the glory of our Lord.

We look forward to 2021 with great anticipation, as a year of new beginnings. Our society will learn new normals and by God’s Grace, we will safely be able to experience Judgment Journey once again! God Bless!

We Praise God For the 96,832 Souls Saved Over The 23 Years That Judgment Journey Has Existed.

All Praise And Glory Goes To Our Almighty God For His Blessings!!

This ministry exists to present the Gospel and for that reason alone!  Thank each of you for helping us make that happen!


The cast and crew of Judgment Journey pray that your journey will be a pleasant and life changing experience.  

We hope you will tell others about Judgment Journey!!

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You and your family need to experience the


 It will change your life…..