Judgment Journey 2022


June 8, 2022

“JJ statement:


It is with regret that we announce that Judgment Journey 2022 will not be presented this year for a number of reasons. The financial, physical and spiritual impact on the church and people involved in Judgment Journey each year goes unseen by many.


Covid-19 caused us to cancel in 2020 and with everything untouched for close to 3 years, the work to produce a fresh, exciting and safe Judgment Journey is greater than the time and resources we have to invest at this time.


It is our goal to begin praying, planning and working towards an improved Judgment Journey NOW! Please pray with us, pray for us and may God direct our steps and He receive ALL the glory for ALL we do for Him!”

We Praise God For the 96,832 Souls Saved Over The 23 Years That Judgment Journey Has Existed.


All Praise And Glory Goes To Our Almighty God For His Blessings!!

This ministry exists to present the Gospel and for that reason alone!  Thank each of you for helping us make that happen!



The cast and crew of Judgment Journey pray that your journey will be a pleasant and life changing experience.  

We hope you will tell others about Judgment Journey!!


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You and your family need to experience the


 It will change your life…..