A ministry of Faith Baptist Church, in LaGrange, Georgia.  Judgment Journey was started in 1997 as a method of presenting the events of the end of the world, as the Bible describes them.





The vision was to present various “scenes” where each person could experience a multi-sensory presentation of how the Bible describes what is yet to come.





The event is held each year on the church campus on a “trail” that meanders around the property.




Judgment Journey is an approximate 45 minute walking journey into the end of the world that will change your life!




Judgment Journey was never intended to be a “scary event” like a haunted house, but is truly an experience that WILL change you life.



Here is a video clip of our Pastor Donald Yancey discussing Judgment Journey with Kevin R. Dunn on the local TV station here in LaGrange, Ga (WJCN TV) on August 25, 2015.