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Here are a few comments we received this year (2018) on Facebook:



Judgement Journey was a great experience. The church did a realistic interpretation of the end times with Revelations.


This journey is something that I will never forget. It has left me so many feelings. It was an amazing blessing I feel many people should also experience.


I have to admit that I was pretty much atheist. I knew God existed but I didn’t think I existed to him so…. And then after I lost my dad unexpectedly I went into an extremely dark place and hated everything hated everyone and especially hated God. My family convinced me to go to judgement journey so I could see what would happen to the world and me if I did not change my ways and my heart. I went in there being a hating woman but I come out a changed woman. A few weeks later I finally asked for help and I was then saved and baptized. So trust me it works. It is a hard experience to go through but it will help you

This dramatization is an experience for what it may be like for those who get 
“Left behind” after the rapture. I won’t give it away because it is a must see experience to help lead the unsaved to Jesus Christ. Go. Being a friend, your family, church group or stranger….spread the good news!
An incredible thought-provoking experience. If you have friends and family members that seem resistant to the plan of salvation, then this is a ‘must see’ experience for them that could literally turn their lives around. Blessings to the Faith Baptist Church for their dedication to saving souls!


My wife and daughter went to judgment journey. My wife had been before several years back but this was my first time. it was an eye opening experience to say the least. the actors were very good and everything was so realistic. I cant even imagine what the real thing is going to be like but I for one don’t want to be around when all hell breaks loose. Thank you for this experience and may it bring people to the Lord. keep up the good work and I look forward to next years JJ2019


Been several times with different family and friends. To me they do an awesome job imitating acts in the book of Revelation. Definitely a little scary. Appropriate for month of October

If your eyes are closed, they’ll most defiantly be opened. this is a must see!!

JudgmentJourney Teen Night 2015


JJ Teen Night 2015 from Faith Baptist LaGrange on Vimeo.



Pastor Randy Ellis, Russell Hill Baptist Church, shares his impressions of Judgment Journey 2015.


Judgment Journey testimony from Faith Baptist LaGrange on Vimeo.

2 Young Men JJ Testimony from Faith Baptist LaGrange on Vimeo.


“Judgement Journey changed my life forever! Thank you SO much!!”


From Facebook:


October 2017 Comments


I am a believer in Jesus Christ and for years have tried my best to live a “Christian” life. I have asked God for forgiveness many years ago and have felt I was ready to go,

but after going through judgment journey I realize that I have some things in my life that I need to change. I need to forgive some people that have hurt me and

I hold grudges against and pray for them instead. I strongly recommend anyone, believers and non-believers to go through this.

It will make you think about the future and about your life. God bless the people who give up some much to share judgement journey with everyone.


We take our Youth Group from Highest Praise Church of God every year and each year it is an incredible experience.

The words from some of our youth last night was “eye opener.”

I appreciate the Church and all the volunteers that use their talents and time to make this happen every year.

I can only imagine how exhausting it is. Thank you from our Church to yours for providing this experience!


I truly enjoyed it. It was a big eye opened and reality check for me. We must be ready.


The theatrics and effects are so impressive. This was such a fun and meaningful experience! I will definitely go again and recommend everyone check it out!


Had a wonderful time (again) tonight! It’s always surprising how the same message is presented differently each year! Very powerful!!! ptL!!!


 Before 2017
“I was saved when I was 12 years old. I am now 26, and I have no doubt where I am going when I leave this life. I have been in church and involved in several aspects of teaching and leading for many years now, and even with my knowledge, I have only ever been to one judgement house, and it was several years ago, because just the thought scares me. I have read many books and watched many movies about the end of times, but the scariest is the book of Revelation in the Bible. The scariest thing about the end of times is it is reality. Those things are going to happen and no one can prevent them. I have a cousin who is 15, and he recently started going to our Youth meetings at church. He wanted to go through Judgment Journey because his friends were talking about it. I knew what to expect, and I did not want to go trough it. The reality that I may have family members still here when tribulation takes place is what scares me the most. I finally gave in and took my cousin with our church group to go through JJ. As soon as we arrived, I parked my car and heard the trumpet sound, then car horns, and I just got terrified. I felt a little relieved when my cousin asked me what was wrong, and I told him the rapture just occured. He then asked me something that no one has asked me before, especially someone who has been to church, he asked me “What is the Rapture?” I told him that is when the saints are called home. He had no clue what he was about to encounter in JJ, and I felt a little relieved by being able to explain some things to him before we went through. He actually didn’t believe that some things were as bad as I told him, until he went through and saw for himself. He left that night with an assurance that he was going to have his name in the Book of Life when judgement comes, and I am glad that I was able to make it through JJ. I just want to say Thank You to all of those that were able to make JJ possible. It is very real and very frightening. I wish that we had something as great closer to us in Alabama so that more of my family could see the reality and make the right decisions before it is too late.”



“I have always heard talk of Judgement Journey for years, but thought that it was pertaining to Halloween since it is held around this time of year. My sister from Fayetteville, Ga attended for the first time last year with some friends who are originally from Lagrange. She talked about what an experience it was and that her 13 year old daughter got saved and baptized. As she talked about it, I vowed that I would most definitely attend JJ 2012. I thought that it would never get here. My 12 year old daugther, husband, best friend, 2 sisters, 1 neice, and myself attended JJ 2012 on 10/13/12. It is kinda of a lost of words to describe the experience. It was an eye-opening and life-changing event. Thank you to everyone who saw the need for such an event and it was executed well. Although it was very emotional for my daughter, she said that she truly understands that being a sweet, nice, beautiful young lady will not automatically enter your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life. I am telling everyone I know about my experience and hope to need a bus to bring everyone to JJ 2013. We ate at the restaurant and the food was great. I hardly ever eat beef, so it was great to get a delicious burger with all the trimings. Everyone in my group truly enjoyed everything and everyone was so pleasant and welcoming. Look forward to seeing you 2013 – can hardly wait.”



“I brought my 12 year old son and 10 year old nephew there last night, all I have to say is, WOW, it was the most moving, spiritual time of my life, the kids didn’t say a word all the way home b/c they couldn’t stop thinking about it, and of course I cried, thank you so much for giving your time and hard work, so that many lives can be changed each year, people being saved, miracles taking place. I am saved but after last night, I feel I have a lot more changing to do and I pray, that when that trumpet does sound, no one is left behind, I pray everyone gets right with GOD, & last night just brought me closer to him, and I have you all to thank for that, GOD BLESS EVERYONE OF YOU”



“I really wanna go again this year. I enjoyed it very much last year. It was like nothing id ever been to before. I would encourage every teen n adult to go!!! This isn’t to scare u but to inform you to be mindful of the choices you make in life.”



“This was an awesome experience. I recommend everybody who can and will to take this journey. It will change your life and your relationship with Christ. I really liked it. It really put together well. Kudos to Faith Church in Lagrange for a job well done”



“I visited the Judgement Journey on Sat,  Oct the 20th. It really was an awakening for me because I am saved but I haven’t been living my life like it. When the Pastor prayed with us at the end I re-dedicated my life back to Christ and asked Him to forgive me for being Luke warm. Well I’m on my in His way and I want to thank you all for your mission to save souls in this end time. I know Christ must be pleased.  Continue in the faith……”




“I just wanted to express my appreciation for the great job you are doing with Judgement Journey.  I have been several times over the years bringing youth groups from Newnan,Ga. You do a wonderful job warning people of the events to come.  I know it must take a lot of effort, time, finances, etc. and I just wanted to thank you.  It is always very moving – better this year than ever.  … our guide … was very impressive with quoting a lot of scripture from Revelations.  I was also moved by the testimony of the young man that led our follow-up prayer at the end. I don’t remember his name but he shared how he got saved after Judgement Journey a few years ago and has been involved with your church since.  I also want to commend you on the organization of the whole tour.  We entered right on time and your people were so hospitable in grouping us together even though we had pre-purchased tickets in different time slots.  May God continue to bless all of you as He touches hearts and saves lives through this wonderful ministry!  You are truly being used of Him!” (Personal names and church names removed by web site editor.)